my business card wall
What do you do with those business cards you’ve collected over the years?  Do you scan em?  Send them off to CloudContacts? Throw em out?

I put mine in huge binders.  Years worth of contact info.  I still have my very first rolodex from my admin asst days in the music industry (1990).  I refer to them often.  A few years ago, I was looking through my binders trying to find a printer I could invite to my BNI chapter. I came upon a guy’s card who was quite memorable.  I met him in 2004, when I used to belong to Ryze and happened to attend one their networking events.  For some reason, we got to talking about Jersey and its hip-hop stars. It was a great conversation.

So in the spring of 2007, I found his card and sent him an email about being my guest at a BNI meeting. While it was not his primary email, it was forwarded to one that he checked regularly.  In a few hours, we were on the phone catching up.  Now mind you, it was a Tuesday late afternoon and my meetings are Wednesday 7am.  Guess who showed up on Wednesday morning?  And shortly after that, he joined.  And then 3 years later, in one of his last acts as a member, he brought a guest that became a business partner in another venture of mine.

So, don’t throw your old biz cards away. Three to six years later, they can still turn into something.  Not to be cliche, but there is a reason they are called business cards.