Happy Thanksgiving!

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I hope everyone takes a moment to appreciate the good things in their lives.  This is probably going to be the start of many Thanksgiving Days in which we really understand what it means to be thankful for the little things.  Hopefully, this economic malaise won’t last as long as some are predicting.

How Much Networking Do You Do?

Eleven years ago, I was a member of zero networking groups.  I didn’t think about them, business just came my way. I was lucky.  In 1998, someone suggested that since I had a new business, I should attend one to see what it was all about.  I did, and my business survived my poor planning.

I am still in that networking group (BNI) and it is a weekly commitment.  If you are not sure how it works, all chapters meet from 7-830am.  We fine tune our sixty second commercial and we pass business to each other.  I have been a member for over 10 years and I have found my best clients and friends there.

Trademark 101 for Small Business at Network Solutions

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I also do SuperNodes with Theda and Raquel.  In the summer it is weekly, then monthly after that.  That one is more social…those that want to network can.  Those who are looking for mates, do.  Those that just want to drink, well it is a wine bar.

I am part of the board of the Business Briefing Network, which is a monthly networking lunch.  And soon, I hope to take the sports networking group out of hiatus…that one is also a monthly lunch.

And there’s my film club and my book club.

Some folks aren’t so ready to go out there and mingle.  But in today’s economy, it is imperative that you do.

I suggest trying Meetup and finding a social group that will make networking less painful.  You can find a knitting club, or a beer drinkers group, or a moms group. Then once you are good with that, go to a local Chamber of Commerce meeting.  That should prepare you for attending a BNI meeting  and get a sense of what dedicated networkers can and will do for you.

The online networking groups are very good.  I started doing Ryze, then LinkedIn. Now I find Facebook, Twitter, FriendFeed, et al are great places to drop your name and meet new people.  But that should never substitute for going out and meeting people.

When you are a small biz or one person shop, there are not a lot of people around you to bounce ideas.  Getting out there keeps you sane and you get to see what is working/not working for other professionals.  And that bit of education is worth the hours (and in some cases, the fees) that networking will cost.

And don’t hesitate to ask the most “networkingest” person you know for advice.

Remember, the more people you know, the more opportunities you will receive.

Wendell Hanes Rocks The Grammys (Office)

Wendell Hanes Rocks The Grammys (Office)


November 19, the NY office of the Recording Academy presented Wendell Hanes Up Close & Personal.  It was a panel of musicians, ad agency honchos, singers, and A&R discussing the craft of producing music for commercials.  Which of course is the topic of Wendell’s book, The 30-30 Career: Making 30 Grand in 30 Seconds! Producing Music for Commercials.

Joining Wendell on the panel were:

Janice Pendarvis (moderator), a voice over artist and well-known background singer.  She is also the NY NARAS Chapter Governor and Co-Chair of Education Committee.  You may remember her in the Sting documentary, Bring On The Night.

Peter Greco, Sr. Vice President/Executive Music Producer at Young & Rubicam NY.  He has worked on campaigns for AT&T, Xerox, Jaguar, Dr. Pepper, and Sony.

Tony Aliperti, a seasoned session musician and composer.  You know him from his guitar playing on Toni Braxton’s hit record, “Spanish Guitar.”

Dale Bramwell, Sr. Broadcast Producer at GlobalHue advertising agency. Dale has won an Addy, been a finalist at Cannes, and won a Gold Lion for the memorable Ray Charles Pepsi spot, which coined the phrase, “You got the right one, baby!”

Gregory Clark, a singer, songwriter, vocal producer/arranger.  He has recorded with Oleta Adams, Michael Jackson, Celine Dion, R. Kelly, and Queen Latifah.

Dre McKenzie, A&R at G-Unit, home of 50 Cent.

It was standing room only and Wendell sold all of his books.  And was immediately invited to speak to the Philly American Marketing Association chapter.

Oh yeah, the last part of Wendell’s interview with WHUR
Wendell Hanes On WHUR

Where Is A Good Starting Point For Networking?

Nonstop Networking

As a SuperNode, we all like to talk about networking. And for all of you who have been to our events, you have seen it in full effect. But you ask, “Where is a good starting point for networking?” Networking Guru, Andrea Nierenberg (Author of Nonstop Networking) provides a great answer.

Networking is about creating and developing opportunities through meeting and “connecting the dots” among the people you know. Research tells us that at least 250 people already are part of your network. Get reacquainted with them.

The following 10 categories of people can be the beginning of a great networking success story:

– Customers or Clients. They are the lifeblood of your business.

– Suppliers. Refer your supplier and improve your chances of staying on his/her radar screen.

– Co-Workers and Colleagues. Office buddies are a powerful networking resource. Invite one to lunch or coffee.

– People in your profession. Helping your competition can actually lead to greater opportunities to grow your business.

– Former classmates. Peruse your alumni magazine to pinpoint people to reconnect with.

– Like-Minded People. Your extra-curricular activities have people with common interest, ambitions and similar life experiences.

– Neighbors. Turn a friendly wave into an invaluable conversation.

– Friends. Nurture and cultivate your friends in a positive way – without expectations.

– Family. A great networking resource, how can you be helpful to them in return?

– People you meet by chance. Be kind to unfamiliar people you meet in airports, grocery store lines and waiting rooms.