Network With The SuperNodes Crew at CLO on March 30


Come hang with us on Monday night.  Some networking, some socializing, some flirting, lots of drinking.  Your favorite Facebook, Twitter, blogging, and FriendFeed stars will be in the house.

If you like @bondgyrl (Theda Sandiford), Rene John Sandy, @raquelrsanchez, Tutu A, @lionelane (me) – we host the thing.  And @ericamichele and @kadilsha keep us on point.

If you like @funkybrownchick, she’s one of our biggest supporters.

Don’t forget @rubenq, Stacy from SmartHeel, @jonnnubian, @kengibbsjr,  among others.  If I forgot you, please stop by and voice your displeasure.

One of these days, we will get @garyvee and @bigced to come through.

World Golf Network Presents Socialize With Executives & Build Business

World Golf Network Presents…
Socialize with Executives & Build Business

Meet up to 100 quality decision makers from 5:30 – 8:30 p.m while playing poker, backgammon and wii golf.

March 19, 2009
O’Brien’s Irish Pub & Restaurant
Manhattan, NY
Only 100 Spots Available!

$100/person- $50 of the $100 is your buy-in, the other $50 goes towards hors d’oeuvres and soft drinks.
Members pay only for chips.
(there will be an opportunity to put in an extra $100 buy-in max)

This event is first come, first serve, so RSVP to Kelly McGrath today! Do not respond to this e-mail to register. To register call Kelly at 201-497-6217. As always, we will limit the amount of companies from every industry.

Zentact – Network Better

I signed up for Zentact some months ago, along with some other cool apps.  When I get the email saying “congratulations, you get the opportunity to try us out,” I kinda forgot why I signed up for this thing.  I was in the middle of doing a few things and could not focus on Zentact.  However, it did seem simple to import my contact list, so I did that right away.  One of the main things I was working on was sending out a press release for a theater client.  I had been checking websites to make sure that I would be sending the release to the appropriate folks.  All of a sudden, a Zentact window popped up with the names of some editors and writers that were affiliated with the website I was visiting.  It also had names of folks that I forgot about…but folks that should definitely receive the release.

Read those last two sentences again.  Zentact gets two thumbs up for that.

Zentact at that moment, was like the Pandora of my press list.  And you know what I mean.  You set up a radio station on Pandora, and the fifth song played is one that you hadn’t heard in 7 years.  One of your favorite joints of all time.   My press list is pretty substantial, and because I’m multi-genre,  I can sometimes lose track of media people in music, especially if I have been working in non-profit for a stretch.  Zentact reminds you of everyone in your list in a very breezy way.  You visit a site and if a contact’s name is on the site, their name pops up in a window. Or if a tag pertaining to them is related to the site…there goes that window again.  It happened to me on Linked In, the New York Times, Facebook, and FriendFeed, just to name a few.  And with one click of the mouse, you can send an email to that person.  Losing touch is now a distant memory.

And then I was posting some pictures on FriendFeed…from a party with some friends.  When I put one of my friend’s name in the caption, Zentact popped up and gave me the option to tweet him with the link.  Wow.  Zentact knew his Twitter info, so no need for me to search for it.

We’re talking staying in contact with people with hardly any effort at all.

Work, family, sports, the economy, and keeping up with social media has all of our brains working overtime.  Anything that takes some tasks off your hands is a must have app.  Zentact is indeed that.

Using LinkedIn Like Twitter

If you are using LinkedIn (which I hope you are), you should be following your Network Updates via RSS.  How many of us constantly check our Linked In page?  I’m sure even the best of us do not.  But if you put those updates in your favorite RSS reader, you will always be aware of who just connected with whom.  You will know who just joined a group that would probably be good for you to join.  You will know when someone just dropped some important news.  All of this info coming to you with little effort. Using RSS for LinkedIn this way gives you another stream of updates similar to Twitter, but more focused on business.  And just like Twitter, when something of interest hits you, you can log in and participate.

I pity the fool who subscribes to this rss feed!
photo credit: draggin

The Godfather of BNI 7


At the 2008 Manhattan BNI holiday party in December, I won a BNI “Godfather” award.  I have been in BNI since early 1998.  During my 11 years, I have served as Vice President, as a member of the Membership Committee (twice), and as the Education Coordinator (of which I have been for the last 3 years).  I was an original member of my chapter, which is one of the largest in Manhattan (and a winner of the Founder’s Award that same evening).

In the picture I am shown with fellow chapter members (and fellow Godfather honoree) Jim Berry, Marc Silverman and Manhattan Executive Directors  Michael Brathwaite and Todd Hallinger.

The pins we are wearing say, “I refuse to participate in a recession.”

(photo credit:  Jason Gardner)