Meet Antonia M. Green, Class of 2009

Antonia Green

Please meet recent CW Post graduate (my alma mater) Antonia M. Green.  I met her in April at Post’s “Networking Your Way To Career Advancement” event.  I was surprised by her schmoozing skills.  Much more advanced than mine at that age.   I asked her if she was prepared for job hunting in this economy.  I was impressed by her realistic answers and her upbeat manner.  She knows the stakes, but is not daunted by it.

The networKING Q&A.

Q: What career would you like to have?
A:  The type of career I would like to have is one of great success and something I will truly enjoy doing.  I want to start out in production just to get my foot in the door.  You  know, basic production assistant work and entry level positions that will allow me to have hands-on experience and further my networking.  Eventually I would like to become an On-Air personality in sports, entertainment, or documentary type specials.  I feel like Sports would be a great field because it’s fast-paced, there’s never a dull moment, and the sports field is lacking women of color and I would like to embark on that market.

Q: What have you done to prepare for this career?
A:  Since I graduated this past May from Long Island University C.W. Post,  the job search has been pretty low, but I prepared myself in school by working with the campus television station, obtaining internships, and attending different networking events.  I am a member of IRTS (International Radio and Television Society) and have attended their Minority Career Workshop (highly recommend) and some of their panel discussions.  I have also attended a number of Career Fairs at school.  My two internships were really great experiences and taught me a lot about working behind the scenes.  I interned at ABC‘s Live with Regis and Kelly as a production intern and WPIX-11 in NY as a producer that created four PSA’s for the station.  I have also kept in contact with a lot of great people in this industry and plan to continue networking.  Informational Interviews have also been a big help to me.

Q: To be looking for your first job in this economy is rough, what things are you doing or will do to get a foot in the door?
A: I have requested informational interviews and I am  signed up with a production company in NY as a freelance production assistant.  I also have sent my resume to previous employers and individuals who I have met at networking events.  I am also going to create a page with my work that I have done for the past four years and create business cards with links to this page.  Keeping in touch with my career counselor from Post has also helped as she has sent me links to different websites to visit to send my resume and check out.  I am signed up with LinkedIn and have also set up my resume on,, and

Antonia can be reached via antoniamgreen (at) gmail (dotcom), please network with her.

Another BNI Award

BNI Plaque

Monday night I received an award from my BNI chapter.  I have been in my chapter since the beginning, 1998.  I have been the education coordinator since 05 or 06.

I take this networking thing very seriously.  I attend 7am meetings every Wednesday for over 11 years.  Not for the faint of heart, but definitely good for your business.

Look for some chapters in your area and plan a visit.

My Networking Life, In Pictures

TNBA Board
I talk about networking, but it’s also important to see me walking the walk as well.

This is the New York and Charlotte board of directors for TNBA (The National Business Association) kicking off the NY Chapter at the Friar’s Club in Manhattan. This event was in March of 2008.  Yours truly is 2nd from left, first row.

TNBA is where retired pro athletes network with the local business community.

Please get out there folks.

(BTW, if you can name the retired NFL players in the picture, lunch is on me).

A Gary Vaynerchuk Re-Post

Gary Vee on the change in PR.  He thinks that many of his PR colleagues will be mad at him for giving his opinion.  His fearlessness when it comes to opining is why Gary is respected. We all are adjusting to the change.  Speaking for myself, I would much rather hear someone say, “PR is changing,” than “PR is dead.”

Well said, Gary.