Meet Farai Chideya @ SuperNodes August 3

Meet Farai Chideya @ SuperNodes August 3

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Author Farai Chideya (former host of NPR‘s “News & Notes“) will be signing copies of her new book, Kiss The Sky on Monday, August 3rd as part of SuperNodes “First Mondays” series.

The wine list is great and both the white and red Sangria’s will be on tap.  Please come out and have a drink (or chat) with yours truly and the rest of the SuperNodes gang on Monday at Ara Wine Bar.

@supernodes is @bondgyrl, @lionelane, @showboat92, @raquelrsanchez @mrroarke.

Kool-Aid Kronicles 7.29

I call my notes from the BNI meetings the Kool-Aid Kronicles. BNI is an acquired taste. It’s very regimented and orderly. It’s also 7am every week. If you are going to do this 45+ times a year, you have to be very devoted to networking or crazy. So yes, I am sippin’ that Kool-Aid.

For the last eleven years, I have been a member of BNI. This networking tool and word of mouth marketing has kept my company afloat. Many of the professionals in my chapter have dispensed weekly nuggets of wisdom for years on how to be a better entrepreneur. Right now it looks a little rough out there, so it’s good to hear about everyday people who are keeping their heads and making things happen. Here are a few things I heard and learned on Wednesday from my colleagues:

The residential real estate broker was involved in three cash deals this week.

The residential mortgage broker has 9 applications in the pipeline this week – and they will close.

The real estate attorney offered that sometimes you best serve a client by letting them go.

The photographer had a substitute today because she was archiving the notes and memoirs of a Holocaust survivor whose health and mental clarity has taken a turn for the worst.

Did I Say That? Weekly Tweets 2009-07-26

  • Love the architecture here in DC. #fb #
  • Sightseeing #
  • On the Metro, on my way to Arlington Nat'l Cemetary w/44 relatives. #fb #
  • 'Hoop Dreams' reminder of different time in high school hoops – Seth Davis – (via feedly) #
  • What's going on in my state? #
  • Justin Fornal, a k a Baron Ambrosia, Unveils a Variety of Cuisines in ‘Bronx Flavor’ – (via feedly) #
  • Need more breakfast after an earlier breakfast – #
  • Seth Rogen Calls Entourage Creator 'Asshole,' 'Moron' | Movieline (via feedly) #
  • Antonio Burks, former Memphis Grizzlies guard, shot, in critical condition (via feedly) #
  • Why "pay for play" PR does not work (via feedly) #
  • Are Hip Hop Artists "Bo-Jangling" for the Dough? (via feedly) #
  • Let me come clean, I saw The Proposal this weekend…and I liked it. #fb #
  • 100 Best Beach Books Ever: The 200 Finalists (via feedly) #
  • @JeremyMeyers i was on the fence until the last few mins yesterday, gonna stay tuned? how's the new gig? in reply to JeremyMeyers #
  • Does anyone have any Lyric Bread? #
  • @JLBarrow Since I own a bunch of Starbury gear, I will go with him in reply to JLBarrow #
  • @JLBarrow Al Harrington, LOL in reply to JLBarrow #
  • @tcdzomba thanks, will check it out in reply to tcdzomba #
  • To my #gfree peeps in DC area, let me know the shops/restaurants that I need to hit. Coming for a fam reunion. #
  • Miss America asked Vanessa Williams 2 step down in'84 via feedly, 25 yrs later, better than ever.How can u not b a fan? #
  • @romefort working fine now, thanks. in reply to romefort #

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Using RSS As A Networking Tool

RSS still has a pulse.

Previously, I talked about using LinkedIn’s RSS capability as an easy and effective way to follow connections and activities among your favorite networkers.
Another thing that I have been doing recently is using RSS feeds of my Ning groups to follow activity and find new networking partners.  Anyone interested in networking, socializing and meeting new folks probably belongs to a bunch of Ning groups…as well as other sites.  And we’re talking dozens, which is a modest estimate. Even if you are on top of your game, that is just too many sites to cull pertinent info on a consistent basis.
So when you are at your Ning sites, find the orange button and subscribe (I use Google Reader and Feedly).  Those feeds will now keep you better connected.
While it isn’t necessarily about networking, I must add that an easy monitoring tool just get ridiculously simpler.  Alltop now features RSS feeds for My Alltop. For a guy like me whose day job is about developing publicity campaigns and media strategies –  monitoring keywords and sites is a big part of the job.  Now that Guy Kawasaki and company added the orange button, I just got a tad more efficient at my job.

I realize that I am no early adopter, but to say that RSS has outlived its usefulness is laughable. If it still helps you do the things that are important to you, then why not keep putting it to use?

Did I Say That? Weekly Tweets 2009-07-19

  • @askseesmic for the past week, I was using seesmic web, but today when I log in, it says only whitelisted users. huh? #
  • @sweet_avenue what's the weekend #gfree offering? in reply to sweet_avenue #
  • Michael Vick And The American Double Standard : dNBe Re-education (via feedly) #
  • RT @PUBLISIDE: If you're still talking about LeBron tape and sports events of last week, this is worth a read & chuckle: #
  • SuperNodes First Mondays, New York | Events | Yelp #
  • @KRoseL @thecrespo his wine instructor is @bondgyrl in reply to KRoseL #
  • @RobertatGist for seo, get at @rubenq in reply to RobertatGist #
  • @abiolatv Notting Hill in reply to abiolatv #
  • @TheCrespo didn't disappoint, right? in reply to TheCrespo #
  • @ejflavors i'm on skype in reply to ejflavors #
  • @TheCrespo and some sushi damo afterwards, I suppose? in reply to TheCrespo #
  • @MrRoarke get it crackin in reply to MrRoarke #
  • Looks like we lost another great one, RIP Walter Cronkite. #
  • Don't be jealous, two GoogVox invites in one week. #
  • @JoeandEvan Have a fun and safe vacay in reply to JoeandEvan #
  • @s2crespo3 @bondgyrl in reply to s2crespo3 #
  • RT @Peter_R_Casey: About 90 days until Midnight Madness! #
  • EPMD – So Whatcha Sayin #
  • RT @SoulAfrodisiac: Starting my day with the bday man's OSW:Inside Out @ejflavors. You should too. 🙂 #
  • @BLACKBERRYBELLA that's right (where's my invite?) in reply to BLACKBERRYBELLA #
  • saw Charles Smith walking around Grand Central today. Nice dude. Too bad he missed those layups… #
  • RT @TonyMartignetti: in WSJ Online 2day, re: fin advisors as trustees of charitable trusts >> << helpsclosethegift #
  • @s2crespo3 tell me something I don't know #
  • @s2crespo3 you are really close to the stage, hubby came through, eh? #
  • @NunesMagician Last time I was in Vegas, I was put up at the Frontier. Not sexy. Circus Circus would have been a step up. #
  • Razorfish, Ogilvy PR Launch Social Media Measurement Offerings – PRNewser (via feedly) #
  • @ValerieStevens I looked in yellow pages yesterday to find local pizzeria for a relative. 41 in reply to ValerieStevens #
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  • Could a BlackBerry Social Network Beat iPhone’s App Store? (via feedly) #
  • @robertatgist are you guys thinking about real-time or options to update more frequently? #
  • Christopher “Mad Dog” Russo Goes off on His Own Staff 07-09-09 at Dave in the City Sportstalk Podcast #
  • It's time to burn some poultry and pork. #fb #
  • @JeremyMeyers me, starting to play around with it now in reply to JeremyMeyers #

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