I Lost My Blackberry And Didn’t Panic

Happy New Year!

On New Year’s Eve Eve, I went to Newark’s Prudential Center with my six year old son to watch the Harlem Globetrotters play. Somewhere between the parking lot (one of the farther ones, since I was too cheap to pay top price for parking) and my seat, my phone tumbled out of my holster.

While it was a bummer that I couldn’t check in to Foursquare for the event or send pix of my son having a good time via Blackberry Messenger to my wife, I wasn’t devastated.

For one, I still had my previous Curve. One call to Verizon and they switched my number back to the older model.

Two, I just did a backup of my SD card, so my pictures and music are on my computer.

Three, I make and receive most of my cell calls via Google Voice. So, just about all of my contacts are saved via Gmail/Google Voice/Google Contacts and Google Mobile Apps makes it easy to search for contact info (especially now with the enhanced gmail plugin)

Four, Verizon Wireless has Backup Assistant, which regularly backs up the native Blackberry contact list to its site.

Five, YouMail handles the voicemail for people who call my cell phone number instead of the Google Voice number.  I get emails (with the audio link) when someone leaves a message.  I don’t need to have my phone at all times to get notified of new voicemails.

While I like the increased memory in the unit I lost, I can deal with my older model without losing a step (I was out of pocket for 3 hours) until the next Blackberry sale.

We all know how important it is to backup, but I think we are also seeing how key it is to go to the cloud as well.  Your data doesn’t have to be held hostage to a physical unit.

So will one of your New Year’s Resolutions be about spending more time in the cloud?

Happy Holidays

Here’s hoping that all of the seeds you planted in the crazy hectic two weeks leading up to Christmas, turns into a beautiful harvest in the early part of the New Year.  And if you weren’t out networking at all in the month of December, please do not wait until MLK Day to come and go before you hop back on the horse.

Merry Christmas
Happy Kwanzaa
Happy Boxing Day
Tremendous Festivus
Happy New Year

Holiday Shopping Tip

We are in the last week of holiday shopping.  So here’s something simple to do.  When you are about to checkout from that online store, do a search for “that store coupon code” and you should get a valid code every time.

Keep networking through the holidays.  Find out what your cousin is doing now, it could be beneficial to you or one of your business colleagues.

Remember The Milk

Remember The Milk is one of the more popular GTD programs (getting things done).

Here’s the way I use it.  Once I have RTM’s Milk Sync loaded on my Blackberry, I will add the Remember The Milk gadget to my Gmail account.  Gmail is always an open tab on my browser, so having a to-do list visible at all times, keeps me on point.

When I enter a task on Blackberry’s native task app, RTM’s MilkSync will sync it to my Remember The Milk account and make visible on the left margin of my Gmail page via the gadget.  It also syncs to the smartphone’s native calendar app as well.

You can download MilkSync for a free 15 day trial, and then they suggest you go Pro, which is $25 yearly.  You don’t have to upgrade, but then you don’t get the sync capabilities, which is what makes this program special. But, I am not one to pay for apps.  It’s not really my thing…especially a task sync app.  I usually write my calendar and to-do items on my At-A-Glance appointment book.  I’m very old school when it comes to scheduling.  But let me tell you, once you get started on the free trial period, it is addictive.  It is so easy to whip out the smartphone and add a task.  If I’m in the NYC subway and I remember something important, I used to have to dig in my briefcase and grab my book and pen and write it in.  By the time I get all of that out of the bag, I might forget what I have to write down.

I know what you’re thinking, if you have Google Mobile Apps on your phone, then you can add to your Google Calendar by entering the items as tasks.  Boom, instant sync. True, but you are not always going to be connected to the Internet.  I often enter tasks when I’m in the subway and there is no wi-fi down there.  I have been using this for a few months now, and I find that I am getting alot more done.  Even little personal tasks get taken care of, because if my phone is in my hand (which is often), I will remember to add it to RTM.  So if it’s imperative that you remember to set up a Google Alert for a client as well as dropping by the store to pick up some EVOO for your wife, this is a program worth paying for.

Welcome Back, Larry Sharpe

One of my favorite broadcasters (and networkers), Larry Sharpe, is back on the air after a six month hiatus.  To celebrate, I dug up a clip from his Ivory Tower Radio show when we talked about the future of media and how it relates to publicity (below).

And if you think this is a shameless ploy to get back on his show, you are right.  Hey Larry, I was quoted in the December issue of Entrepreneur magazine, does that qualify me to get back on the program? Seriously though, I am glad to have him back on the stream. Please check him out every Tuesday evening from 9-11pm.

Larry Sharpe Interviews Bryan R. Adams