Interesting Links For The Week

Happy Memorial Day – the unofficial start of Summer!  Here are some articles from the last seven days that I read with interest.  Many thanks to Techmeme, Ask The Publishing Guru, TechCrunch, Social Media Today, and MarketingProfs.

Holiday Inn to test smartphone as room key?

What is a fictomercial?

LinkedIn as Twitter client?

Here is how you import your Twitter favorites to your Facebook page.

Employees at the biggest corporations in America cite their  favorite social network at the job…LinkedIn (by a wide margin).

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First Monday June 7 will be a special SuperNodes event.  Many of our tech brethren and sistren will be in the Big Apple for Internet Week New York.  And this will also be our very first hang at Vero Midtown wine bar.  Free panini with a purchase of wine.

Don’t forget to join the official SuperNodes group here.

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Interesting Links For The Week

Here’s a couple of pieces that I read with interest in the last 7 days.  Many thanks to ReadWriteWeb, BlackWeb2.0, Tim Berry, Victus Spiritus, and Ms. Ileane.

Super monitoring/blogging/search tool, Lazyfeed gets a new look.

A new site for the hip networker,, launches.

One of my favorite blog aggregators, Regator receives a fresh coat of paint.

A book that sounds right up any networker’s alley, The Referral Engine.

Another favorite of mine,, goes under.

Will EPIC be a new way to communicate and really make email obsolete?

If you’re blogging and you are not using Feedburner, why aren’t you?  And if you are, you always have to check in to see what new stuff they have up their sleeves.  The FeedFlare option now posts to Google Buzz, among other places.

I’m New Around Here. How Do I Get Folks To Pay Attention?

the flasher
A year ago (May 2009), I had the honor of speaking on a Jane Cranston conference call. Jane Cranston was a former VP in my BNI chapter. She is a well-respected Executive Coach. Every month, she calls on her colleagues to give some words of wisdom and inspiration to her clients and listeners.

My call was entitled, “Are You Networking Or Not Working?” We discussed how to “work” a networking event, what to do after the meeting, how networking can help your job search/interviewing, as well as the pros and cons of social networking.

This segment is from the Q&A part of the call.  A young lady wanted to know how to convey her desirability when either meeting someone or being interviewed for a job. Especially when you are not that experienced or cannot drop celebrity names.  (Backstory:  When Jane introduced me, she made sure to mention that I worked for nearly two decades in entertainment, which means that I had the pleasure to work with some entertainers.)

I think Gary Vaynerchuk would be very pleased with my answer.
Jane Cranston Are You Networking Or NotWorking Call


If  information creation or dissemination is a part of your job and you don’t have a smartphone, then what are you waiting for?  Get rid of that old cell phone. Today’s technology makes it easy to network and work on the go.

Case in point.  I was on the bus on my way to a TV interview taping with a client and the producer emailed me for more information.  They needed to write the opening for the segment and they needed a different angle.  Where was my laptop, you say?   A smartphone fits on a belt, which is much easier than wearing a device on the shoulder or back. And why carry all of that when you don’t have to?  I have a Blackberry.

I clicked on the  GMail app and found a couple of press releases that I sent out a few weeks ago.  I copied key points from each press release and pasted in a reply email.  Mini crisis averted.  Plus the producer was pleased, since she only had to wait 10 minutes.

If I only had a regular cell phone, I would have had to write something once I arrived, which would have been an hour after she wanted it.  The producer would have looked at me like I had two heads.  And who knows if she would have taken my calls again? Or imagine if I didn’t see the email until I got to the studio?  Love that push email.

I know most people are already on board, but this is for the few remaining stragglers.  There are many of us who are solo practitioners that have no administrative assistants. Being able to search, copy, paste, and send while out of the office will be mandatory soon.  The person waiting for the info is not going to accept the excuse, “I was away from my desk” much longer.

So please, Get Smart(phone).