Free Tool To Build Your Press List

There are many tools out there to help you put your contact lists together.As a publicist, I have paid, bartered, and gone the free route.  I wanna talk about a free tip.

There are some sexy programs out there.  All the Twitter directories are very good (Twellow, WeFollow, etc.) as are the Twitter lists (Listorious, ListiMonkey).  Mining the data you get from keyword searches is great as well.  Most folks know all of this, there isn’t anything really new as it relates to press lists and free.  But with so much out there, all of us may forget to go back to the basics.  If you had a great method that you used five years ago, before 57 “hotter” methods came out, it’s easy to lose track.

So, with all of that said, do you remember… Daylife Labs?  It’s still around.

Daylife Labs acts as a landing page for journalists and their latest articles.  If a writer has signed up with Daylife, you will probably find their DayLife account on the first page of most Google searches.  The interface is simple and easy to navigate.

(click to enlarge)

You can read the latest articles, subscribe to the journalist’s feed, look at the keyword tag box, and search for other writers.  But what I like is this feature:

Look at that second one. Writers on the same beat!  That’s what I’m talking about!  So, your search for one journo led to a dozen others covering the same topic.  Then when you lather, rinse, repeat a few more times, your list gets bigger and more current.

Please remember that free will not get you a list as comprehensive as the paid ones, but free can definitely enhance what you already have.

Time For Some Kool-Aid

My notes from the BNI meetings are called the Kool-Aid Kronicles. BNI is an acquired taste. There’s some regimentation involved and it follows an orderly agenda. It’s also 7am every week. If you are going to do this 45+ times a year, you have to be very devoted to networking or maybe a little touched in the head.  So those of us who are in BNI, accept the fact that we appear to be  sippin’ that Kool-Aid.

For the last twelve  years, I have been a member of BNI. This networking tool and word of mouth marketing has been an extremely valuable business partner. Many of the professionals in my chapter have dispensed weekly nuggets of wisdom for years on how to be a better entrepreneur. The economy is still trying to get back on solid ground, so it’s good to hear from everyday small biz owners who are keeping their heads and making things happen. Here are a few things I heard and learned on Wednesday from my colleagues:

The dentist showed us the proper way to floss.  I wish Cayce shot video of that.

The Italian Cultural Entrepreneur releases his new album, Aceto, on June 15.

The bookkeeper talked about preparing projected cashflow statements for those considering selling their businesses or bringing in investors.

The nutritionist did a clever bit about turning the “perfect 10” couple into the perfect 11.  They were a ten because the husband was tall and thin and the wife was shorter and overweight.  But no one took offense, because he spun it so well.

The printer recently changed firms, and is now concentrating on producing printed matter for casinos.

The chiropractor is looking for that “thlon” group – biathletes, triathletes, marathon runners, IronMan-ers.

These are all fine folks, if you know of anyone that could use their services, feel free to connect them.   To see the rest of my chapter, go to BNI7.

Calling All Pioneers!

Where are my Pioneers?

On Wednesday, June 16, the CW Post Alumni Association (of which I am on the board) and KPMG will host

CW Post Alumni Reception at the New York Athletic Club

180 Central Park South

Check-In is 5:30-6:00pm

Alumni Keynote Address begins at 6pm

Alumni Networking Recption is 6:30-8:30pm

Open bar/light refreshments

Business Attire (jackets required for men)

Please RSVP at 516 299 2263 or