Monday Night Football Goes Well W/ SuperNodes

And just like that, October is right around the corner.  Please join SuperNodes for First Monday at Vino 313 on Monday October 4.

By now, you should know the drill.  Every First Monday we pick a nice hot wine bar in NYC and bring in our friends from 6-9pm.  There is no cover…there’s actually discounts!  Vino 313 is offering a second glass of wine (pinot grigio, bordeaux, or rose) at half price.

We know it’s Football season, Vino 313 has a TV screen and the Monday Night Football game will be on.  It’s Patriots vs. Dolphins, so all the Jets fans can come and boo their two least favorite teams.

Vino 313
201 East 31st Street @3rd Ave

For those that speak Twitter, @supernodes is @raquelakaultra, @mrroarke, @showboat92, @bondgyrl, @lionelane.

What’s In Your Wallet?

(George’s Exploding Wallet video)

I used to never keep biz cards in my wallet.  With all the plastic, receipts, and dollar bills (you can laugh here), the wallet could get pretty big.  For some reason, earlier this year I decided to start putting a few in my billfold.

Well, I now understand why I did that.

I ran out of the house the other day to go to the recycling depot.  I didn’t even bring my phone.  But because I was driving, I had my wallet with me.  When I was dumping an old computer monitor, I saw a person who used to mentor with me at this Harlem non-profit.  I hadn’t seen him in four years and he just moved back to the area.  He was dumping stuff in the gardening/landscaping area.  None of us had pens or paper.  Going to the recycling depot is one of those things where you wanna get in and get out.  You do not expect to run into someone, nor do you want to.

Of course if I had my cell, I could have done the Dub card or VCard thing.  But I had a few biz cards in the wallet and gave it to him.  Which is cool, because he had pictures of me and the kids from the program.

So, find some room in that wallet for a few cards…just in case you leave the home without your briefcase or cellphone.

Drinking Kool-Aid With LeBron And Carmelo

My notes from the BNI meetings are called the Kool-Aid Kronicles. BNI is an acquired taste. There’s some regimentation involved and it follows an orderly agenda. It’s also 7am every week. If you are going to do this 45+ times a year, you have to be very devoted to networking or maybe a little touched in the head.  So those of us who are in BNI, accept the fact that we appear to be  sippin’ that Kool-Aid.

This summer, to fight off the vacation doldrums that most BNI chapters go through, the Leadership Team decided to implement a game. Originally, I called it Project LeBron, but after LeBron went to Miami, the Knick fans in the chapter lost all enthusiasm for the guy (Hello, we are in NYC!). I looked ahead to next season and quickly renamed it Project Carmelo. And as a Cuse fan, I would rather have Melo in a Knick jersey anyway.

Following is the email explaining the game to Chapter 7.

Welcome to Project LeBron! Carmelo!Why is it called that? We are looking for superstar free agents to join our chapter. We have to get aggressive, like The Knicks will in order to land LeBron Carmelo.  However, in our case. Even if that person(s) does not join, at least he or she would come to a meeting and meet the chapter. Visitors are vital to the success of a chapter. There are many stories of folks coming once and writing home run referrals to chapter members. You just don’t know who a visitor knows or is related to.

So, I need you all to do this before Wednesday’s meeting. Here is the link to a spreadsheet. Find your name, fill in three items – a) best referral source, b) best customer, and c) a profession you would like to see visit the chapter.

With this master list, we will make a big push in July and August to get these desired categories to visit the chapter.

The best referral source and best customer can be very different things. An example: A web designer’s best customer (biggest dollar value) could be a membership based organization. The member would want to meet the person at the head of the organization. And that person might not be a good fit for being a BNI member, but would be a great visitor so that they can meet and start to build a relationship. The best referral source might be a writing coach, because they write copy for websites and they would make a great power team. The writing coach might be a better fit to become a member than the head of NAWBO, let’s say (I didn’t make this up, I am copying this paragraph from another BNI director – so please don’t invite a writing coach, we already have one and she’s on the Membership Committee).

Also, some of you may already have your best referral source and/or best customer in the chapter already. Either list your next best choice or ask the member in the group, if for this particular project, it would be OK for the other members to bring in someone from same profession. Or set up a one-to-one-to-one, and if you take a photo of the meeting, it will count as a “half-visitor” for this project.

Our goal is to get members to think about bringing people to the meeting, not necessarily as potential members, but just to introduce them to someone within the chapter that would be a good potential customer for another member.

Please complete before 7am Wed 6/23. If you have a problem with the link, let me know ASAP. And if you have something smart or fresh to say, please don’t reply all, just reply to me.

BTW, the person who brings in the most people, will get a free month of breakfast. 2nd place is one free week of breakfast. 3rd place is your fired (can you name that film?).

Congratulations to the winner, Jewell Staley of Grande Properties, a home staging company.  She sets “the stage for a sold-out show.”

So that’s what we did.  This contest kept most of the energy up during the summer. The people who had difficulty bringing in visitors before, made great strides.  The original version of this game is actually a collaborative effort.  Leadership decided to turn it into a contest.  If there are any BNI leaders that would like to see the original Project LeBronCarmelo and the roster spreadsheet, please reach out and I will forward the info.

Never Eat Alone

UPDATE: Becky Johns wrote a really good post on the book.  Check it out.

“The Ultimate Networker Reveals How to Build a Lifelong Community of Colleagues, Contacts, Friends, and Mentors”

I just started this book last week and the 300+ page book is a must-read for any networker.  Especially the 2nd chapter…”Don’t Keep Score.”  He tells of a situation where he asked a  Hollywood friend to connect him with a major player .  Dude didn’t want to help him out because he was saving his “favor” for a more important time.  Didn’t want to waste the opportunity on our author.

In summation, Keith Ferrazzi states this about his “friend”:

“He saw every encounter in terms of diminishing returns.  For him there was only so much goodwill available in a relationship and only so much collateral and equity to burn. What he didn’t understand was that it’s the exercising of equity that builds equity.”

I also have been in situations where I acted like his “friend.”  When I finally understood the power of networking and helping others, I made sure that I stopped that kind of behavior.

Back To Work/School With SuperNodes September 13

supernodes_0910, art by @raquelakaultra

Back to School and Back to Work!  SuperNodes looks to either help you celebrate bringing your kids back to school or remove the sting from a hard Monday back at work. Networking with a glass of Beaujolais will definitely do the trick.

Join us at WineBar at 65 Second Ave @ 4th Street.

Monday September 13, starting at 6p.  And there is no cover.

@supernodes is @bondgyrl, @showboat92, @raquelakaultra, @mrroarke, @lionelane