Update Contact Lists With WriteThat.Name

Are you a GMail or Google Apps user? Are you bad at updating your contact list? Is keeping in contact with your networking contacts important to your business?

You need to look at WriteThat.Name.  It is the perfect business networking and relationship building tool.
What does it do?

When you receive an email that has a signature, WriteThat.Name will update your contact list.  It has to do with semantic engines and what not.  All I know is that it keeps my contact list for business and personal use up to date. You also get an update from the service every day to let you know which contacts were updated, and if any of the info is redundant or incorrect for some reason, you can correct it from the daily email.

They are offering 30 day free trials for this service, and they will keep giving you free months for every friend you get to join. After your trial periods are up, you can continue using the service for as little as $3 per month.

I have been using it since June 15 and I must admit it is nice having someone else constantly updating my contact list.

If my layman explanation doesn’t do it for you, read a more technical review from this link from Gear Diary.


Did This Service Fail Because It Was So Good?

Okay, I may have overstated it.

Notify.me has been one of my go-to services in this social media age.  It is such an important program and delivers the goods so efficiently, you forget that you are using it.  Which may be one of the reasons it is closing its doors on October 4th. I try to talk this service up at lectures and workshops, but because it works so well, I sometimes take it for granted and do not remember to bring it up each and every time. For that I apologize.

During college basketball season, this tool is critical for me.  As a Syracuse Orange fan, I am not able to watch every game on TV because I attend a lot of events.  I have the twitter feed from the Syracuse Post Standard sports writers going to my notify.me account so that it gives me scores and game action via email and/or text.  When I’m on the bus or walking on the NYC streets between meetings, notify.me keeps me in the loop.  That’s on the very personal side.

On the business side, I will occasionally take a journalist/blogger/editor’s twitter feed and put it in my notify.me account in order to keep abreast of what topics are catching their interest.  Or to find ways to connect.  I have set up good relationships with folks in the press, by taking advantage of this.  I have been able to get media opportunities for clients by doing this.  Also, two or three years ago it was a much more consistent way of getting notified if your name or brand was mentioned on Twitter.

I know there are other ways to stay abreast, but this is the way that I chose in 2008, and it has been a great assist to me. I will try the suggested replacements and let you know which one is going to stick.

So instead of saying goodbye, I will say thank you, notify.me, for all the important news you delivered to me (almost) instantly.

Kudos to Jason Wieland and Arne Claassen!  Looking forward to your next projects.



One, Two, Whatever You Do…

Younger Child Productions presents
One, Two, Whatever you do…
a world premiere play

The New York International Fringe Festival – FringeNYC
a production of The Present Company, August 12th – 28th
Tickets $15-18. For tickets visit www.FringeNYC.org

NEW YORK, NY – Younger Child Productions presents the world premiere production of One, Two, Whatever you do…, a new play by Vanessa Shealy, as part of the fifteenth annual New York International Fringe Festival. The play will have six performances at Fringe venue #12.
The 4th Street Theatre, 83 E.. 4th Street (btw. Bowery and Second Ave.)

SHOWTIMES:     Sun. Aug. 14 at 8pm       Wed. Aug. 17 at 2pm     Sat. Aug. 20 at 1:45pm  Mon. Aug. 22 at 5pm

Wed. Aug. 24 at 9:30pm       Sun. Aug. 28 at 2:15pm

(TRT – 90 mins, no intermission)

In One, Two, Whatever you do… Former child star Angela L. Wilcox finds herself desperate for a job. But things spin out of control when she tells one teensy fib – and it goes viral! To save her name, the starlet highjacks a local children’s theater production to beg the audience to tweet, or not to tweet. The play that results is a darkly comic tale about a public face and the cost of keeping it well made up.

The creative team is headed by Playwright Vanessa Shealy and Director Melissa Attebery, who have been developing this piece in The Actors Studio Playwright Director Workshop and ESPA/Primary Stages.

Playwright Vanessa Shealy, who also stars as Angela, makes her return to FringeNYC following her critically acclaimed play, Tea in the Afternoon, in FringeNYC 2006.  Other plays include American Drum Circle (Actors Studio Spring Festival, ESPADrills) and A Captive Audience (upcoming Estrogenius Festival, Nov. 2011).

Melissa Attebery’s New York stage directing credits include original works at venues such as The Abingdon, HERE, Queens Theatre in the Park, FringeNYC, TADA and Westbeth. Melissa also assistant-directed for Tina Howe at the 24 Hour Plays on Broadway.

The cast includes stand up comic and actor, Rick Younger (Paramount pictures Morning Glory; national tour of RENT). Younger also appears every month on NBC’s The Today Show. Also starring: Ilana Becker (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Hinterland, Spoiled Cherries), Kelly Strandemo (Antigone Noir, Othello), Ivan Perez (The Berenstain Bears) as well as the playwright, Vanessa Shealy (Crooked, ATWT).

Costuming this production is Donald Sanders, of the Tony Award-winning William Ivey Long Studio (Hairspray, The Boy From Oz, Chicago). Donnie’s original costumes have also been admired in the Bloomingdales’s Christmas windows.  Broadway lighting designer David Castaneda (Irene’s Vow, Marvin’s Room) will light the performance, and Helen Ammon serves as set designer.

The award-winning production company, Younger Child Productions was born five years ago to produce and develop independent theater, film (shorts, features and webisodes), and live comedy in New York City.  One, Two, Whatever you do… will be their second production for FringeNYC.

Dr. Kingsmen Twitter
Angela L. Wilcox Blog


Artwork available here

Meet The Cast info at http://youngerchildproductions.com (click on One, Two, Whatever you do, and then click Meet Us)

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Reach Out And Touch

Last month, I did a post on collecting biz cards.  Now, I wanna know how often do you go through those old contacts and reach out? How often? Damn.  What good is it if you have all these contacts and you don’t interact with them?

Last year around this time, I was looking through my old contact list so that I could find someone to say, “long time no speak.”  I was also looking to drum up some business as well.  As a small biz owner, no matter the economic climate, you should constantly tap into your networks in order to find work. Well I did  catch up with quite a few folks. And while some of them couldn’t hire me or jump in to some ventures with me immediately, a few of them came back to me months later with some checks (or Paypal transactions).

I think it’s obvious to guess what would have happened if I didn’t decide to reach out and touch some old colleagues.  I truly believe that when you are in your respective game for a long time and run your own shop, you don’t get biz by mailing out your CV.  It’s not what you know, but who you know.  And Larry Sharpe would go one more step by adding, “It’s not who you know, but how well they know you.”

So get out there and nurture those relationships.  Saying hello after 5 years makes (dollars and) sense.

Have any of your dormant friendships turned into dollars?