Author Mellini Kantayya

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Actor Mellini Kantayya came to me because she had just self published her first book, actor.writer.whatever in 2013.  She was not happy with her PR firm.

Mellini’s goals were to get more acting gigs and to be a spokesperson for Diversity and Inclusion in the Entertainment industry.  The book would enable her to get more visibility by appearing on NPR radio shows and getting positive reviews in mainstream media.

We were able to get her on WBAI and various NPR stations in the Northeast.

We produced a Diversity and Inclusion panel at SAG/AFTRA, which she moderated.

Mellini spoke to students at St. Francis College in Brooklyn and Baruch in Manhattan.

actor.writer.whatever was a Finalist for 2013 Foreword Indies in Humor and Essays, which at the time was the only book to get nominated in both categories.

And since Summer of 2013, she has been a regular columnist on Humor and Diversity for the Huffington Post.


Related Posts with Thumbnails
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