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Thank you for visiting the main page of FAB Communications. I am your guide, Bryan R. Adams. If you found the company on a search, welcome. If you found out by word of mouth, I am glad you are here.

FAB Communications was founded 1996 as a publicity company, after spending nearly six years in the music industry. I wanted to continue to develop publicity and media campaigns for clients, but not just in music. As I began to include networking as a viable way to find leads, my client list grew to include individuals and companies in film, theater, publishing, comedy, fashion, hospitality, finance, and non-profit.

In 2014, FAB Communications spends its time¬†developing media strategies and publicity campaigns for the following…

Creative Entrepreneurs. You worked in an industry for a number of years and have amassed enough success that qualifies you as an expert. And maybe all of that expertise has you writing a book. Or starting your own business. Whatever your next move, your resume and background scream out, “Pay attention to me!”








NonProfits. You have a cause and/or service which requires select media/news outlets to pay attention. How do you reach them?