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When I founded FAB Communications, my initial goal was to rack up as many entertainment clients as possible.  But when I joined BNI in 1998, people started referring small business colleagues and entrepreneurs.  Folks were sending me dentists, financial organizations, and planned giving advisors!  None of those were as sexy as the stuff I was doing in entertainment.  But once I sat down with the potential client, I understood what their goals were and how I could help them.  It actually was sexy.  Now most of my practice is focused on entrepreneurs and bringing them into the spotlight and showcasing their unique abilities.

Dr. Ngozi Etufugh
Martignetti Planned Giving Advisors
Wendell Hanes/Volition
Ralph H. Cathcart, Esq
YES, Inc.
National Political HipHop Convention (2004)
National Association of Securities Professionals
PlayMe Burlesque
New York State Council on Divorce Mediation
Deanna’s Lyric
Brown Girls Burlesque
Heiser Group Legacy Speaker Series
Winfred Tovar, MD
Life Management Pros
Joshua Waldman
McKenzie R. Foster
Balram Kakkar
Eugene Gasana Jr. Foundation



I am an avid reader and started a book club in 2002.  I enjoy getting exposure for my author clients.  Since 1996, when I founded FAB Communications, those author clients have been exclusively self-published or print-on-demand or independent (whatever you want to label it).  By no means am I shunning authors from big publishing houses; I would love to work with them.  The mentality is different for the self-published writer; he or she knows that they have to handle the marketing and promotion of their tomes themselves, so they understand the importance of getting good help from consultants.  The first time author at the big house will have access to the department’s publicity staff and if they want an outside consultant to come aboard it will come from their pocket. Their advance is usually not enough to cover my costs and their living expenses.  And they have the option of using the in-house staff, who have probably put other authors on Oprah or in the New York Times.

Plus, my clients write how-to books on their fields of expertise.

Irving Burgie
Truth of the Matter/BRIM, Inc.
Why I’m So Special: A Book About Surrogacy(the series)
Actor. Writer. Whatever
The Butler’s Dinner Stories
Black People In The Bible
Definition of Down
A Couch Named Marilyn
Captain McCrea’s War

and if you are author who’s looking for more than just book reviews, check this out.


One of the reasons I didn’t go back to the record label system, is because I wanted to try my hand at film publicity.  Yes, I am in a film club.  Yes, I have produced a film.  Yes, I have cast for a MTV PSA, directed by a big time Hollywood director (Joel Schumacher).

Most of my clients are independent filmmakers who are on the film festival circuit. While I did work on a Miramax film, my responsibility was to get exposure opportunities for one of the producers of the film.  My paycheck came from her and not Miramax.
Full Moon Films/Rudy Blue
Kindred Spirits/Traded To Trading
Robyn M. Greene
CEI Media Partners

Mario Joyner
Rick Younger
Ted Greenberg


GeoData Plus

For a client list in industries I no longer service, go here