Update Contact Lists With WriteThat.Name

Are you a GMail or Google Apps user? Are you bad at updating your contact list? Is keeping in contact with your networking contacts important to your business?

You need to look at WriteThat.Name.  It is the perfect business networking and relationship building tool.
What does it do?

When you receive an email that has a signature, WriteThat.Name will update your contact list.  It has to do with semantic engines and what not.  All I know is that it keeps my contact list for business and personal use up to date. You also get an update from the service every day to let you know which contacts were updated, and if any of the info is redundant or incorrect for some reason, you can correct it from the daily email.

They are offering 30 day free trials for this service, and they will keep giving you free months for every friend you get to join. After your trial periods are up, you can continue using the service for as little as $3 per month.

I have been using it since June 15 and I must admit it is nice having someone else constantly updating my contact list.

If my layman explanation doesn’t do it for you, read a more technical review from this link from Gear Diary.


Need More People To Engage With On Twitter? Try SocialOomph

All of you busy networkers who think they don’t have time to tweet, please listen up.  Twitter can be noisy, but if you tailor it to your needs, it can be one of the most useful tools you will ever employ.

Even the most dedicated tweeter cannot watch their Twitterstream 24 hours/7 days a week.  They use monitoring tools.  And many of the good ones are free and simple to set up.  The one that I have recently been playing with is SocialOomph (formerly known as TweetLater).  In the free service, you can schedule tweets from multiple accounts, make extended Twitter profiles, and save drafts of tweets.  In the paid version, you can schedule Facebook status/wall updates and multiple blog posts. I’m not going to list all the  features, you can go to their site to see the full list.   I use SocialOomph to track several keywords and my mentions/retweets in a digest email that is sent twice a day.

This a great way to find people who are tweeting about your topics.  Publicists are always looking for free ways to build up media contacts/tastemakers list.  At the end of the day (or week), I check my SocialOomph digests and find new Twitterers to follow and new people who may be interested in my clients and/or projects.

Try it and comment on which features appeal to you.

No More Battery Pulls

I love my Blackberry, but the one thing that pales in comparison to the others is the hard drive space.   And if you network like me, your contact list is sizable and important.  Try operating your Blackberry with an address book of 4000 contacts.  Multiple battery pulls per day, right?  And yes, I have discussed it before.  It is a pet peeve of mine.

I have also discussed Dub aka DubMeNow.com.  I have a love/hate relationship with them since the summer of 2009.  Dub is a mobile app that sends your digital business card to anyone’s email address.  An extremely useful service if you run out of traditional biz cards or you want people to have access to information that is not on your biz card (or you just wanna go green).  At some point in 2010, whenever I would send my Dub card, it would not get received, it would just disappear into the ether. Customer support tried to help, but on their end everything looked normal.  So I stopped using it.

In mid-January, I received an email about new features and updates.  So I checked it out.  Big improvement.  Like Gist, Dub can take all of your email and social media contacts and spit it out as one comprehensive address book.  At the site, you can print it out as a spreadsheet.  On Blackberry, the app lets you access all of your contacts with extreme quickness.  I have almost 7K contacts on Dub, and searching through the list takes little time.  Another plus: I went to the website to see if a Dub card I sent a few days ago reached its intended audience.  It hadn’t, but it saved the email address.  When this was happening to me before,  the email address would not save.  This is a big change. And now Dub also offers the opportunity to resend the card.

Bottomline, if you want to have your entire contact list on your Blackberry, without crashing your phone, load the free app called Dub. Think about that.  No more waiting to get back to your office to find a number or email address.  Or no more printing out a contact list to stuff in your pocket or briefcase. Or no more battery pulling because searching for a phone number froze your Curve (especially when you’re on deadline to reach that particular person).

Serious networkers and folks with large contact lists need to load Dub.

It’s also available on iPhone/iPod (for those that like to play with toys).

Keep networking.

Free Tool To Build Your Press List

There are many tools out there to help you put your contact lists together.As a publicist, I have paid, bartered, and gone the free route.  I wanna talk about a free tip.

There are some sexy programs out there.  All the Twitter directories are very good (Twellow, WeFollow, etc.) as are the Twitter lists (Listorious, ListiMonkey).  Mining the data you get from keyword searches is great as well.  Most folks know all of this, there isn’t anything really new as it relates to press lists and free.  But with so much out there, all of us may forget to go back to the basics.  If you had a great method that you used five years ago, before 57 “hotter” methods came out, it’s easy to lose track.

So, with all of that said, do you remember… Daylife Labs?  It’s still around.

Daylife Labs acts as a landing page for journalists and their latest articles.  If a writer has signed up with Daylife, you will probably find their DayLife account on the first page of most Google searches.  The interface is simple and easy to navigate.

(click to enlarge)

You can read the latest articles, subscribe to the journalist’s feed, look at the keyword tag box, and search for other writers.  But what I like is this feature:

Look at that second one. Writers on the same beat!  That’s what I’m talking about!  So, your search for one journo led to a dozen others covering the same topic.  Then when you lather, rinse, repeat a few more times, your list gets bigger and more current.

Please remember that free will not get you a list as comprehensive as the paid ones, but free can definitely enhance what you already have.

Zentact – Network Better

I signed up for Zentact some months ago, along with some other cool apps.  When I get the email saying “congratulations, you get the opportunity to try us out,” I kinda forgot why I signed up for this thing.  I was in the middle of doing a few things and could not focus on Zentact.  However, it did seem simple to import my contact list, so I did that right away.  One of the main things I was working on was sending out a press release for a theater client.  I had been checking websites to make sure that I would be sending the release to the appropriate folks.  All of a sudden, a Zentact window popped up with the names of some editors and writers that were affiliated with the website I was visiting.  It also had names of folks that I forgot about…but folks that should definitely receive the release.

Read those last two sentences again.  Zentact gets two thumbs up for that.

Zentact at that moment, was like the Pandora of my press list.  And you know what I mean.  You set up a radio station on Pandora, and the fifth song played is one that you hadn’t heard in 7 years.  One of your favorite joints of all time.   My press list is pretty substantial, and because I’m multi-genre,  I can sometimes lose track of media people in music, especially if I have been working in non-profit for a stretch.  Zentact reminds you of everyone in your list in a very breezy way.  You visit a site and if a contact’s name is on the site, their name pops up in a window. Or if a tag pertaining to them is related to the site…there goes that window again.  It happened to me on Linked In, the New York Times, Facebook, and FriendFeed, just to name a few.  And with one click of the mouse, you can send an email to that person.  Losing touch is now a distant memory.

And then I was posting some pictures on FriendFeed…from a party with some friends.  When I put one of my friend’s name in the caption, Zentact popped up and gave me the option to tweet him with the link.  Wow.  Zentact knew his Twitter info, so no need for me to search for it.

We’re talking staying in contact with people with hardly any effort at all.

Work, family, sports, the economy, and keeping up with social media has all of our brains working overtime.  Anything that takes some tasks off your hands is a must have app.  Zentact is indeed that.