Tools To Die For

It’s the halfway point of 2012, and I have one extremely important question for everyone.  What services, apps, or websites are still on your “can’t live without” list?

I’m not sure when the Social Media boom officially hit, but I know for me I really started to pay attention in 2008.  I think when Twitter got hot, this whole movement became very real.  However, in the four years since I started paying attention, some have gone by the wayside, but some have remained and are still important.

Google Reader
Remember The Milk
Google Voice
Google +
Google Drive
Google Talk
You Tube
Google Alerts
Google Bookmarks

SocialMedian (before XING)

Gist – this one is the most difficult for me.  I love when they came out.  I loved the fact that I used to find past email conversations with any of my contacts with ease.   But for over a year, I have had error messages whenever I try to do that.  And their Android app is terrible.
CircleBack – when it was DubMeNow, it worked better, IMHO.  It’s still a great place to put all of your contacts.  But with Linkedin Card Munch, CardCloud, and Hello by Evernote coming on, it’s only a matter of time before this disappears from my phone.
Pandora – still a great service, but with Spotify on the scene, I find myself logging in less than once a quarter.


I would be very interested to hear which ones you are still using and which ones you have discarded.  I also want to know about great tools that I didn’t mention.


Holiday Shopping Tip

We are in the last week of holiday shopping.  So here’s something simple to do.  When you are about to checkout from that online store, do a search for “that store coupon code” and you should get a valid code every time.

Keep networking through the holidays.  Find out what your cousin is doing now, it could be beneficial to you or one of your business colleagues.

The Best Blackberry App For Networkers

If your Blackberry doubles as your computer, because you are on the go, then having Google Mobile App on the phone is a must.  I talked about it before, but the recent changes to the search feature make this app critical for folks who are constantly emailing and making calls away from the office.

If you are like me, your contact list is a little too big for Blackberry’s hard drive to deal with.  I hate having to do battery pulls for my Curve 8530 – so I have a skeleton list on my phone.  Doing contact searches in the  GMail app is hit or miss for me. If I’m trying to find a name I haven’t pulled up in awhile, I get that “This program requires a working data connection. Please check your signal strength” message.  Which is ludicrous.

But with the Google Mobile App, you can do quick searches for names and info from Google, GMail, and Google Docs. And I use all of these products, so this is right up my alley.  It also unofficially searches Google Voice, because if you run your email through GMail and get your GVoice notifications at that email address, then all texts and voice message notifications can be searched.

If you’ve made a ton of calls on Google Voice or put 5,000 names in GMail contacts , then you will love this.

What do you think is the best Blackberry app?

So Busy Networking, I Had No Time To Post

Yeah, I know what you’re saying.  “Bryan, you better make time!”  And that’s true.  I apologize for the absense.  I also had a server issue that knocked me out of commission for over a week.

My title is not an excuse for not posting.  Posting can be vital to networking success, so it should have been on my schedule.   No ifs, ands or buts.  I must say that the posts I viewed while I was on the go, helped me when networking at various group meetings and one-to-one meetings.  Stuff from Larry Sharpe (Don’t Give Out Your Business Card), Ivan Misner (3 Ways To Get More Business At Your Next Networking Event), and Valeria Maltoni (How I Use LinkedIn Content For Intelligence)…just to name a few, was fascinating stuff to check out.

I also planned to review some helpful apps and things that enabled me to stay connected while I was on the go, but like I said in a previous post, smarter people than me have contributed great reviews/how-to’s already, so I will just link to hem. The following helped me immensely when my hosting company’s server went haywire rendering mewith no website or spotty email. Here’s my list:

Google Calendar (though I am playing around with
Google Voice
DimDim (thanks for the tip, Francisco)
Google Mobile Apps for Blackberry

I promise to not be out of touch for so long…regardless of the circumstances.  Let me know which ones you use or if there are some other apps that are worth pursuing.

Free Tool To Build Your Press List

There are many tools out there to help you put your contact lists together.As a publicist, I have paid, bartered, and gone the free route.  I wanna talk about a free tip.

There are some sexy programs out there.  All the Twitter directories are very good (Twellow, WeFollow, etc.) as are the Twitter lists (Listorious, ListiMonkey).  Mining the data you get from keyword searches is great as well.  Most folks know all of this, there isn’t anything really new as it relates to press lists and free.  But with so much out there, all of us may forget to go back to the basics.  If you had a great method that you used five years ago, before 57 “hotter” methods came out, it’s easy to lose track.

So, with all of that said, do you remember… Daylife Labs?  It’s still around.

Daylife Labs acts as a landing page for journalists and their latest articles.  If a writer has signed up with Daylife, you will probably find their DayLife account on the first page of most Google searches.  The interface is simple and easy to navigate.

(click to enlarge)

You can read the latest articles, subscribe to the journalist’s feed, look at the keyword tag box, and search for other writers.  But what I like is this feature:

Look at that second one. Writers on the same beat!  That’s what I’m talking about!  So, your search for one journo led to a dozen others covering the same topic.  Then when you lather, rinse, repeat a few more times, your list gets bigger and more current.

Please remember that free will not get you a list as comprehensive as the paid ones, but free can definitely enhance what you already have.