RIP, Google Reader

If you have been following me since 2008, then you know how important Google Reader is to me.  Not only do I use it to follow my favorite sites, topics, and influencers, I also use it to keep up with LinkedIn activity.

Last week Google announced that it will shut down Google Reader on July 1.  I know that people have been declaring RSS dead for years, but most sites still have that orange square button in the corner, so that statement never made sense.  I know that Twitter, Facebook newsfeed, and Google+ are delivering news in a very social way that has appealed to far more people than those who use Google Reader…but there is still a decent sized population that cannot live without Google Reader.

I will try not to be over-dramatic here; the world has not ended.  But Google Reader was the best tool for a networker and media strategist such as myself in this age of constant online enhancements.

I will find a replacement that will have some of the features that GReader provided, but why do I have to, is the question.  Why did it come down to this? Lots of good discussion about this on Quora.

I’m encouraged by what Feedly has done for the last few years and I’m excited to see what Digg will do.  And one retweet about Google Reader shutting down, brought Prismatic to my attention.  I will give them a spin just for being attentive.

And I would probably be willing to pay for it (maybe Google should have asked for dough), though the jury is still out on Newsblur.

If you have found the best alternative for Google Reader, please let me know.

(There’s also a site to vote for the best replacement.)