holiday party photo credit: Patrick Q

Monday was my BNI chapter’s holiday party. Second year in a row that the party was at Cafe Greco. This time I did not bring the wife and kid, so I was able to get loose and mingle among the tables. The networker in me has to roam at these things…I can’t stay in one place. It’s not good form.
Anyway, the liquor flowed in the beginning. The bartender was not skimpy on the drinks. I haven’t had a Tanqueray and Tonic that strong since I made one myself. The kid was feeling no pain.
Most of the current members were in the house. A few old timers came as well as some substitutes. The main question everyone asked each other was, “How you’re doing in this economy?” The real estate and financial folks had the best answers since their industries have felt it first. They know that a few more years of downward motion will have to be endured in order for the ship to get righted. And some of them are actually looking forward to it.

I can find strength from that.

And from the fact, that whatever is going on in these streets, we all can spend 3 hours and enjoy each other’s company.  There were no unhappy faces in there Monday night.

Tuesday night is the Manhattan area BNI party.   Supposedly, I am getting the “Godfather” award. 

Stay tuned.