photo credit: Urban Mixer

Day two of Holiday Party week had me attending the Manhattan Region BNI shin-dig. This is for all of the 50 odd BNI chapters that meet on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday in Manhattan. Awards are given out, food is consumed, and drinks are…well, you know.

Several hundred folks were in attendance this year to witness a change in the format…no more tables and sit-down dinner.   It was hor’d’oeuvres and cash bar, but it was better way to network since folks were not confined to a table.
All this took place at the 101 Club near Grand Central.

My chapter won another Founder’s Award and I received the “Godfather” award.  This is given out to members who have been active in their chapters for at least five years by holding multiple positions.  Nice, right?

Except, when I go up there to get my award and shake hands with one of the directors, he whispers to me that I got the award even though I have never held office.



Inappropriate, even if it was true.  You don’t rain on someone’s parade when handing them an award.  But it wasn’t true.

I shot back (and none of this is in earshot of the mic), “Hold on a  minute.  I was Vice President, on the Membership Committee twice, and have been Educational Coordinator for three years.”

So, even though I was dissed.  I did rightfully earned one of the six Networker of the Decade awards, which is really what a Godfather is, and truly what I am when it comes to BNI.

I met some new people, especially Sam Cook (can you imagine being at a party with Bryan Adams and Sam Cooke?), who runs Uncle Sam’s New York.  He provides historical walking tours, pub crawls, and nightlife tours of New York.

I reconnected with The Boxing Chef, Bill Feldman.  I hadn’t seen him in years.  We used to belong to Barter Advantage together.

It was good networking and laughs, but I may boycott it next year.

I’m still kinda pissed.