In 2008, I called my irregular BNI journal reports, “Notes From The Matrix.” We all saw the film and we know that the matrix is supposed to be a network. You had to take a pill to tap into it. Many of my friends (and especially my wife) think that I took a pill at one of my networks/cults. I won’t argue with you that I may have fallen down the rabbit-hole.

In 2009, my notes from the BNI meetings, are now the Kool-Aid Kronicles. BNI is an acquired taste. It’s very regimented and orderly. It’s also 7am every week. If you are going to do this 45+ times a year, you have to be very devoted to networking or crazy. So yes, I am sippin’ that Kool-Aid.

For the last eleven years, I have been a member of BNI. This networking tool and word of mouth marketing has kept my company afloat. Many of the professionals in my chapter have dispensed weekly nuggets of wisdom for years on how to be a better entrepreneur. Right now it looks a little rough out there, so it’s good to hear about everyday people who are keeping their heads and making things happen. Here are a few things I heard and learned on Wednesday from my colleagues:

The messenger delivered 75 Magnolia cupcakes (and a daughter) to Yankee Stadium for a party in corporate box.

The writing coach informed us on the power of words by pointing us to the short film, Story of a Sign.

The telephone bill reduction consultant was able to get a client’s $5K+ monthly phone bill down to a third of that, but the client went with the major phone company’s offer (which was double his offer), because of scare tactics.

The IT guy told a story about a company hiring him after their novice in-house IT person destroyed their server (they lost all of their data).  Wow.

The database guy is looking for people suffering from carpal tunnel, from all the “cutting and pasting” they do in their cobbled together lists.

The Send Out Cards salesperson touted the company making the cover of Success From Home magazine.

The corporate real estate broker was mentioned in the New York Law Journal for his part in a major deal.