Have you figured out which platform is your best social media partner?  Granted, when done right, they will all work for you.  But have you tried to see if LinkedIn gets you more results than Facebook or Twitter or FriendFeed?

Conduct your experiment.   Write a blog post and use different URL shorteners (with tracking, like bit.ly, ow.ly, su.pr ) and  post simultaneously  to Twitter, MySpace, Bebo, FriendFeed, LinkedIn, Stumbleupon, Facebook, Delicious, Google Reader, etc.  Look at the analytics, where are you getting the most traffic?

If you have no blog, then update your status and look at the comments or likes (if the latter is available). Where do your active “fans” congregate?

I know this is far from official, so try these combinations out on different days and see if you recognize a clear cut pattern.

You may be surprised.

It looks like Facebook is very good to me…and to think in January 2008, I grudgingly (and tardily) signed up.