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 Publicity & Media Strategy

Thank you for visiting the main page of FAB Communications. I am your guide, Bryan R. Adams. If you found the company on a search, welcome. If you found out by word of mouth, I am glad you are here.

FAB Communications was founded in 1996 as a publicity company, after I spendt nearly six years in the music industry. I wanted to continue to develop publicity and media campaigns for clients, and not just in music. As I began to include networking as a viable way to find leads, my client list grew to include individuals and companies in film, theater, publishing, comedy, fashion, hospitality, finance, and non-profit.

Currently, FAB Communications develops media strategies and publicity campaigns for the following…

Publicity For Creative Entrepreneurs

If your product or service is newsworthy, FAB prides itself on garnering coverage for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Bryan R. Adams is co-founder of FAB Communications.

Publicity For Authors

FAB has helped authors get interviewed on radio, television, and in print.

Non Profits Too

Does The Local & Professional Community Know Your Mission? All the good work you are doing doesn’t have to be a secret.