In BNI, one of the things that we stress about giving your commercial is to specific.

In otherwords, you may get what you ask for.

Case in point, I don’t always ask for referrals, I will sometimes ask for power partners.  Especially, if these power partners can help a client of mine.  Recently, I asked to be connected to some pretty heavy hitters.    When you are in a room with BNI people, you just don’t know who they know.  Before the meeting was over, I had phone numbers/emails to the inner circles of these heavy hitters.

And not only did these inner circle folks take my call, but they went above and beyond the call of duty to help me and my client out.

All entrepreneurs have to belong some kind of networking gr0up or regularly attend networking events in order to help your business grow.  I fully endorse BNI, but if it’s not for you make sure you join something.