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Bryan Adams is my go to person for publicity. He is well connected and has innovative approaches. His tenacity evident in the media coverage his clients receive. I will continue to refer and employ Bryan whenever opportunities arise.

“Why I’m So Special”

Bryan and his company FAB Communications were the perfect fit for my marketing needs. I was a new author with no idea how to market my book. Bryan took the time to explain his plan in great detail to make sure I had a better understanding of the PR vision he had for my books and what was needed to succeed. Once Bryan implemented the plan, I saw results immediately. My books sales skyrocketed, awareness and press increased 150% and speaking engagements ensued. Bryan and FAB Communications will always be my PR firm on all future projects.

“Job Searching with Social Media For Dummies”

Bryan is one of the kindest people I know. We met through a mutual friend and I had asked him for a PR proposal. Even though I didn’t go ahead with the project, we’ve stayed in touch. In fact, Bryan has made several key connections for me that have led to my articles getting distributed in several major venues.
When Bryan was giving a talk at a local job search club, I gladly donated several copies of my books for him to give away.
Should I need any PR work done, Bryan will be the first person I reach for!

World of Money

Bryan is a detailed oriented, creative publicist who is well connected. Highly energetic, dedicated representative, Bryan gets your product, service, or business in the spotlight in ingenious and resourceful ways.

Karjaka - Adams_14My name is Bryan R. Adams, the founder of FAB Communications and I’m a publicist. In 1990, I started my career in the music industry, assisting on and developing publicity campaigns for recording artists. Some of those artists were Queen Latifah, RuPaul, Coolio, Naughty by Nature, and De La Soul, just to name a few.

When folks ask me what a publicist is, I tell them that I “persuade my many friends in the media to report favorably about my clients.” But that is not entirely true. There are clients of mine that received good coverage from journalists I didn’t know.

As a publicist, sometimes a client has asked me to go beyond my “normal” duties of reaching out to media and securing exposure. Sometimes they want an honorary degree from a prestigious university. I have done that.

I also make sure a client’s appearance gets documented.

Radio is still a strong avenue to get exposure.

Oh, wait a second. Who are my clients? My clients are a mix of entertainment  (film, authors) and entrepreneurial (financial, politics, and small business).

As the PR/Media Relations/Publicity industry changes with the technology, we find that the world gets smaller, but you have less real friends. The days of the 3 hour lunch with an editor or reporter are going by the wayside. In mainstream journalism, news departments have reduced their staff so much, that your buddy there has taken on the duties of 3 staffers and cannot even spare 10 mins for coffee with you. In the blogosphere, they are so allergic to flacking, your pitch falls in the wilderness. That initial query a publicist used to send out via press release is not as effective in this realm, because it’s not “social.” We publicists can no longer just say to the media, “Hey, cover this” and watch them fall in line. We need to engage with them and take part of the conversation. Build up our points, if you will, and then let them know what we are up to. Not even a soft sell, it’s just having a conversation with a “friend.” This approach doesn’t work for all genres, but I think we are moving toward the social relationship building aspect. I am preparing for this change.

What else can I tell you about me? I am an avid networker (ask me about SuperNodes and BNI). I love Syracuse basketball. I am in a book club and a film club. I have been gluten-free since 2005. I produced a short film. I am an original NY Liberty season ticket holder (1997-2008).

I was a volunteer instructor at the Support Center for Non-Profit Management.  My workshops were on the press release (traditional and social). I met some great people and future clients there.

At end of 2011, I became a Director Consultant for BNI Manhattan, the largest referral organization in the world.  If you believe that “networking is helping others as a way of growing your business,” then we must connect.

I can be found on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and various other social media platforms.

FAB Communications was founded in 1996