Chris Brogan, in this video, tells all that if you see him somewhere, get near him and smile or say hi.  He will respond.

This guy is the reason many of us who are late to the social media game (like myself), want to do better and get the hang of this thing. As a forty year old publicist who used to send faxes to music editors and call them on the phone (what?), I am playing catch up with the technology in order to do my job better.  I hated emails when they first reared their heads. It cut down on the verbal communication. There was a time when you could have a phone conversation with an editor, who was lukewarm on your client, and through educating this person with the full bio, new information, trends, sales figures, radioplay, videoplay, etc…and they could come around and give the client a second thought and an opportunity for coverage.  Nowadays, if they don’t feel it, you may not get the opportunity to persuade them to budge.   A lot of that has to do with editors and writers sitting in front of piles of pitches that are bigger and more ridiculous than ever before. Back in the days, we didn’t just write press releases, we used the skills of rhetoric and persuasion.

Let me stop, this post is about Chris Brogan.  He is a true networker and one of the leading minds in this social media realm. He is extremely generous. If you’re reading this…you probably already know this. Subscribe to his site, his twitter page, and LinkedIn page, he drops so much info, you could be a social media guru in a week.  And for dads like myself, this site is a keeper.

I will add one of my oft-repeated cliches:  When I grow up, I want to be like him.