Okay, I may have overstated it.

Notify.me has been one of my go-to services in this social media age.  It is such an important program and delivers the goods so efficiently, you forget that you are using it.  Which may be one of the reasons it is closing its doors on October 4th. I try to talk this service up at lectures and workshops, but because it works so well, I sometimes take it for granted and do not remember to bring it up each and every time. For that I apologize.

During college basketball season, this tool is critical for me.  As a Syracuse Orange fan, I am not able to watch every game on TV because I attend a lot of events.  I have the twitter feed from the Syracuse Post Standard sports writers going to my notify.me account so that it gives me scores and game action via email and/or text.  When I’m on the bus or walking on the NYC streets between meetings, notify.me keeps me in the loop.  That’s on the very personal side.

On the business side, I will occasionally take a journalist/blogger/editor’s twitter feed and put it in my notify.me account in order to keep abreast of what topics are catching their interest.  Or to find ways to connect.  I have set up good relationships with folks in the press, by taking advantage of this.  I have been able to get media opportunities for clients by doing this.  Also, two or three years ago it was a much more consistent way of getting notified if your name or brand was mentioned on Twitter.

I know there are other ways to stay abreast, but this is the way that I chose in 2008, and it has been a great assist to me. I will try the suggested replacements and let you know which one is going to stick.

So instead of saying goodbye, I will say thank you, notify.me, for all the important news you delivered to me (almost) instantly.

Kudos to Jason Wieland and Arne Claassen!  Looking forward to your next projects.