linkedinA few days before Christmas, LinkedIn decided to “retire” the Network RSS Feed.  I wrote about how important this feature was for networking here almost 5 years ago.  Simply put, you could have all of that activity (people connecting with certain people, people changing jobs, status updates, etc) go to your favorite RSS reader.  So if you have nearly 2,000 connections on LinkedIn it’s very hard to keep up, so it’s handy if you can go to your reader and look at the activity from the past day, week or month.

That is now over.  If you want to stay up to date with the activity, you must keep LinkedIn open on your browser and check back every few minutes or at end of each day to get that info.  Not impossible, but definitely not as easy as having your RSS reader spit it back to you at your convenience.

I understand why LinkedIn would want RSS out of the way.  They know if you value knowing what your contacts are doing you will stay on the site.  But I always hoped that LinkedIn would be different – forget about competing with the Social Network – make your service an indispensable tool for the entrepreneur.  Give us something that helps us with our daily tasks and eases our workload.  Instead, they just added to it.