So you just came back from a hot party.  You met a gang of people.  You have 12 business cards.  You had a great time.  You also drank quite a bit and you do not remember everything you talked about and who said what.

Take advantage of social media.  When you came home with business cards ten years ago, you didn’t have such great tools at your disposal.

I come home and look to connect with my new friends on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or FriendFeed.  This becomes Networking 2.0, the next era in connecting and plugging.  Without asking, you can find out who they know.  If one of your new friends has 1200 friends on Facebook or 350 connections on LinkedIn, there is no way that you two will discuss this in it’s entirety in your next conversation.  That’s what these social media sites are for.

I also put their names in 123people.com.  That site is good for finding people through their social media affiliations. If that fails, you can always “Google” their name.

With Networking 2.0, the math equation becomes, “Meeting one person at an event, equals (at least) three more colleagues.”  That’s if you work it right.