UPDATE: Rapportive has this video on YouTube.

One of the easiest and quickest ways to increase your social network numbers (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.) is to install Rapportive in Gmail.  If you are not up on Rapportive, where have you been?  I mentioned it briefly last summer. Once installed, every time you receive an email, it will pull up the sender’s social media networks in the sidebar where the ads are (unless that email address is not registered with any social networks). If you link your LinkedIn and Facebook accounts to Rapportive, it lets you know if you are connected to that person.  Two clicks later, your request to be connected is on its way.  Their job titles, last few tweets, last few Facebook updates, and an image also appear. You can also update your Facebook status update from the app.

So, if your goal is to get to 1,000 Facebook friends before Tax Day or 500 LinkedIn connections by July 4th, install Rapportive ASAP.  You must have Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Mailplane for this free plug-in to work.