The past two weeks have been chock full of cool articles on the web.  My Google Reader is keeping me busy and updated.

This one from IntoMobile has me really excited.  As someone who waits on cold corners for my NJ Transit bus to show up, I have long clamored for putting GPS on these buses to let me know if it’s on time or even coming at all. I guess if NYC’s buses do this right, eventually it will travel over the river to us suburbanites.

This one from SoloPR states that PR stands for Pack Rats.  As I was reading it, I looked at the boxes of all my clients’ clips from nearly 20 years in the business.  I probably have 20% scanned as pdf’s.  But I still have the originals stored away.  I really need to clean house and get an intern or niece/nephew to scan my files.  Are you still holding on to physical copies?

I know I probably shouldn’t discuss this on a WordPress blog, but Posterous keeps on making great improvements.  The latest is daily digest emails.  I think that if you wanted to set up a nice community site (for free) with a daily email to go out to subscribers, the blogging platform that begins with a P is probably a good way to go.

If you want to set up a Facebook landing page for your biz, read this one on Mashable.

If you want to keep up with what I read from the interwebs, there is a window in the lower right side of the blog called, “Recently Bookmarked.”