Kool Aid Balloon
My notes from the BNI meetings are called the Kool-Aid Kronicles. BNI is an acquired taste, it’s very regimented and orderly. It’s also 7am every week. If you are going to do this 45+ times a year, you have to be very devoted to networking or maybe a little crazy. In other words…sippin’ that Kool-Aid.

For the last thirteen years, I have been a member of BNI. This networking group and word of mouth marketing tool has kept my company afloat. Many of the professionals in my chapter have dispensed weekly nuggets of wisdom for years on how to be a better entrepreneur. Right now it looks a little rough out there, so it’s good to hear about everyday people who are keeping their heads and making things happen. Here are a few things I heard and learned the past few Wednesdays from my colleagues:

The Italian Cultural Entrepreneur asked for people who just got back from Italy and wanted to continue that experience with his olive oil.

The makeup artist is looking to connect with key folks at the Ad Council.

The promotional products guru wants to meet anyone associated with Physique 57.

The chiropractor informed us that the late great Jack LaLanne started as a chiropractor.

The home stager requested introductions to real estate investors.

The web developer modeled his commercial after Dragnet, which was extremely clever. I couldn’t do it justice.  If you wanna hear it, reach out to him.

And if you know anyone in the professions listed above, please leave that info in the comments. Thank you for networking.