What can attending networking events do for you?

The main reason, folks attend these shin-digs is to drum up new business.  But I want to talk about the growth opportunities that can come your way.

I graduated from CW Post in 3 1/2 years.  I left and didn’t really look back. I didn’t have a bad time, but I may have been too young to appreciate all that I got from my alma mater.

A few years ago, I got an invite to attend an alumni  networking mixer at the NY Athletic Club. Being the self-proclaimed king of networking, I RSVP’d to that immediately.  I was impressed that my school was offering a free open bar event at the frikkin NY Athletic Club!

When I went, I was so impressed that I scheduled a meeting with the Director of Development and Director of Alumni Relations to discuss how I could get involved. Long story short, I attended a few Alumni Board meetings and was admitted to the board soon after.  Once you join a Board, your main goal should be to use your sources and resources to make great things happen for that non-profit.  Being on the board should not be about beefing up your Linked In page.

By networking, I met some alums who also wanted to contribute to the school.  We put something together, and voila…their company sponsored the first annual Homecoming Networking Mixer at the school’s Great Hall.  You can imagine how that makes me look to the administration at my alma mater.  Making this happen was not initially on my list, but these are the kinds of accomplishments that beget more opportunities to put feathers in the cap.

And the “I can raise dollars to put on an event” feather is a great one to put in your cap.

So, target a non-profit or two and hang around.  By getting involved and continuing to network, I am sure you will find a great opportunity to help that non-profit.

And if you have already made some things happen for a non-profit, please put them in the comments.