• LMK is backed by Hearst Corporationtrusted name in news & journalism
  • News, pics, stats culled from 1,500+ Sources
  • Filtered, curated and edited by experts
  • Updated every few minutes

In a nutshell, Hearst’s LMK (short for “Let Me Know”) app allows consumers to build their own iPhone/iPod Touch news app around personal passions. The list of over 2,000 topics is growing every day—and includes everything from college and professional sports teams and athletes (football, baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer, boxing, golf, tennis) to rock stars, movie stars, top companies, breaking news topics, politicians and more.

With the LMK super app, users download the free app and choose from thousands of free topics to customize the app based on the things they are passionate about.

Rather than visiting a litany of websites and unedited RSS feeds, the LMK app allows consumers to track only the subjects, people, places and things they care about, making the information, photos and stats available all in one place, accessible with the tap of a finger. LMK editors curate only the most reliable sources, including professional news sources and the most influential blogs, so consumers can use the LMK app as a gateway to the best content, while saving time.

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