Amita Tewari

A financial services pal of mine introduced me to Amita Tewari a few weeks ago.  She was recently laid off from UBS.  When she called me, I immediately invited her to my BNI Chapter.  She came (from South Jersey) and didn’t complain of the 7am start time.  She met a lot of people and was an instant hit.   Folks like Amita really need to be back in the workforce sooner than later.

The networKING Q&A.

Q: What is your career and how long have you been in this field?
A: My career in financial services started in 1997 when I was hired by Deutsche Bank to run the Euro Programme across the Corporate Investment Bank.  That was followed by a three-year assignment in London as Regional CIO in support of the Commodities/Derivatives trading business unit. Upon my return to the US, I performed a similar role for a couple of years.
My next major role was as COO for Americas Operations for UBS Securities LLC, where I was responsible for management of daily operational issues, planning and execution of strategic objections, regional financials and ensurance of operational risk and regulatory compliance.
Prior to financial services I worked in the pharma sector for almost seven years. I started as an intern in 1990 and moved on to do various roles.

Q: Why are you unemployed?
A: Due to the sub-prime crisis, our bank suffered huge write-downs leading to several rounds of lay-offs, firm wide.

Q: To be looking for another job in this economy is rough, what things are you doing or will do to get a foot in the door?
A: Needless to say in today’s environment one has to pretty much throw the traditional job search methods out the window. In the past, I had worked exclusively with executive/retained search firms, now they are no longer at the top of my list.
I have found networking to be most helpful. I have not only reached out to my immediate network of colleagues and friends but have made it a point to have them, in turn connect me to a few of their contacts, thereby extending my network of connections.
I’ve also been attending networking events hosted by member organizations that I belong to, in addition to attending several events/meetings as a guest of my contacts.
While I have not yet landed a job; as a result of networking I have had meetings with several senior hiring managers at various financial institutions, who now have a better understanding of what I have to offer them.
Lastly I’ve found LinkedIn to be of tremendous value – whether it is simply for me to connect with a former colleague or to make a new contact through introductions or to just browse online discussions and scout for jobs, it has been an immense help.

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