“I gotta hurry up and catch my bus!”  I can’t be late for this networking lunch, I’m hosting the dang thing!”

I didn’t get a chance to print out the bio for one of the speakers I was to introduce in 90 minutes.  I also didn’t get a chance to grab a book to read on the bus.

I took out the Blackberry and started looking at my Google Reader account. I also remembered what website to visit to read the speaker’s bio.  Instead of toggling back and forth on my default Blackberry browser, I used Bolt.  So the Bolt browser had the website with the speaker’s bio and I kept chugging through my 750+ items to read on GReader with the Blackberry default.

For that instance, it was very convenient to have two browsers on the Blackberry.  Now I know that it’s not a big deal…with the history setting, you can easily toggle between the sites you are looking at.  But why do that when it’s much easier to have another browser?

And now, the word Bolt may be synonymous with cool, i.e.  Usain Bolt, Bolt Bus, and the browser. I didn’t see the animated film with the dog, so I will need someone to vouch for the coolness of that flick.

Thanks to Jonn Nubian for informing me of this browser.