Come hang with us on Monday night.  Some networking, some socializing, some flirting, lots of drinking.  Your favorite Facebook, Twitter, blogging, and FriendFeed stars will be in the house.

If you like @bondgyrl (Theda Sandiford), Rene John Sandy, @raquelrsanchez, Tutu A, @lionelane (me) – we host the thing.  And @ericamichele and @kadilsha keep us on point.

If you like @funkybrownchick, she’s one of our biggest supporters.

Don’t forget @rubenq, Stacy from SmartHeel, @jonnnubian, @kengibbsjr,  among others.  If I forgot you, please stop by and voice your displeasure.

One of these days, we will get @garyvee and @bigced to come through.