When you read some of the social media superstars (Chris Brogan, Connie Reece, just to name a few), many of them talk about the importance of giving back. Well…
This evening I will be participating at my alma mater (C.W. Post/Long Island University) as they host a “Networking Your Way To Career Advancement.” This is being put together by the Professional Experience and Career Planning (PEP) Office. All students are invited to attend, and are required to wear business attire. Students will not be bringing their resumes, but rather engaging in conversation to fully practice their business communication skills.
Fellow entrepreneurs and employers will be on hand to give constructive criticism and tips to these students who will soon be entering this challenging workplace.

If your school or any organization reaches out to you for this kind of mentorship…please consider the kids and the environment we are in.  Give them some help and some hope.

photo credit: railsbailey