UPDATE: Becky Johns wrote a really good post on the book.  Check it out.

“The Ultimate Networker Reveals How to Build a Lifelong Community of Colleagues, Contacts, Friends, and Mentors”

I just started this book last week and the 300+ page book is a must-read for any networker.  Especially the 2nd chapter…”Don’t Keep Score.”  He tells of a situation where he asked a  Hollywood friend to connect him with a major player .  Dude didn’t want to help him out because he was saving his “favor” for a more important time.  Didn’t want to waste the opportunity on our author.

In summation, Keith Ferrazzi states this about his “friend”:

“He saw every encounter in terms of diminishing returns.  For him there was only so much goodwill available in a relationship and only so much collateral and equity to burn. What he didn’t understand was that it’s the exercising of equity that builds equity.”

I also have been in situations where I acted like his “friend.”  When I finally understood the power of networking and helping others, I made sure that I stopped that kind of behavior.