Film Matrix: a choice in your life

(photo credit: surfstyle)

Watching the film, I think we all understand that the matrix is a network.  And you had to take a pill to tap into it.  Many of my friends (and especially my wife) think that I took a pill or sipped the kool-aid at one of my networks/cults.  I won’t argue with you that I may have fallen down the rabbit-hole.

For the last ten years, I have been a member of BNI. This networking tool and word of mouth marketing has more than kept my company afloat. Many of the professionals in my chapter have dispensed weekly nuggets of wisdom for years on how to be a better entrepreneur. Right now it looks a little rough out there, so it’s good to hear about everyday people who are keeping their heads and making things happen. Here are a few things I heard and learned on Wednesday from my colleagues:

The space organizer is looking for people who can’t find their holiday ornaments.

The nutritionist called tilapia, “other countries garbage fish.”

The generational coach’s CD on forgetfulness will now be sold in the Alzheimer’s Store in 2009.

The real estate broker is top 2% at her company in terms of sales.

The messenger company delivered underwear for Hanky Panky sample sale.

The IT person is busy because he is being hired by companies that are “rightsizing.”

The moving company joked about Plaxico Burress needing their services, because he will be moving soon.

The massage therapist is offering 30 minute sessions for the holidays only.

The banker got a new client because a big bank stopped that client’s credit line.

And before I got to the meeting, I saw one of my L.A. buddies, Frank Williams, who is in town to interview Judith Jamison for BET.