At one of my monthly networking lunches, one of my partners invited a sales trainer to speak to the group.  It was summer and hardly anyone showed up.  It became an intimate affair with a handful of people.  The sales trainer, Adrian Miller, blew us away.  She was really good.  We then went to lunch a few weeks later.  Since that time, she introduced me to an entertainment attorney, who has become one of my best power partners.

She refers many of her clients to me.  I signed on with an author client of hers in the early part of 2009.  I then asked her to speak at one of my networking lunches and from there she did business with  a designer that was in attendance.  She introduced me to a long time friend and comedian  client of 20+ years, who recently became a client of mine.  And I met a filmmaker client of hers who I hope will come on board shortly.

Even when there is only a handful of people at an event, shake hands and kiss babies.  You are already there, why not make the most of it?  You never know who that one person is going to be and how it can impact your business.  That is why we network.