Don’t let a referral pass you by.

I was sitting in my boy’s office, when the receptionist rang him.  Someone needed to buy insurance.

When he got on the phone, he determined that the insurance in question was really a property/casualty matter.  Since he was on speakerphone, I heard the conversation, and I immediately grabbed my BNI biz card book and pulled out my prop/casualty guy’s card.  We gave the woman on the phone the info and told her to use my name.

She called my guy and the paperwork is in the pipeline.

Everyday, there is an opportunity to do good and send business to your colleagues.  Use your ears and listen for those opportunities.  Keep your friends top of mind.  I am constantly thinking about ways to refer business or good people to the other good people I know.  And I know that there are associates of mine who are trying to do the same for me.  A networking guru called it Giver’s Gain.

Not a bad credo to live by.

Also, when you are constantly looking for opportunities that may benefit others,  you will end up putting money directly in your own pocket at times.

So please don’t let these opportunities pass you by.

(And yes, I know the above video is not 100% authentic)