As a former Blackberry user who transitioned to Android this year, I really got used to having Remember The Milk as my  “getting things done” admin.  Relied on it so much, I actually spent money.  I do not spend money on apps as a rule, so if one makes me come out of my pocket…then trust me, it is something special.

Now that I’m on Android, there are other good GTD apps available.  My Remember The Milk subscription is due in October, so I am playing around with Astrid to see if I like it enough to drop the paid version of RTM.  It’s been over a month now, and my reactions have pingpong-ed.  After a week, I almost uninstalled RTM, because I knew Astrid would be my choice. I love their missed phone call options.  However, as of last week, I have gone back to RTM because I find Astrid to be too clingy.  And the RTM sync is simply the best out there. Who knows what will happen next week?

Once I decide for good, I will give you my pros and cons on both.

UPDATE:  I decided to renew the annual subscription for Remember The Milk.  You just can’t beat that sync!