May 2010 Supernodes

On Monday May 3, SuperNodes  First Mondays will be at The Tangled Vine on the Upper West Side.  This will be our first time there, so please come out and support.

I would like to thank all of those who attended the April event, “20 Wines For $20” at Vintage Irving.  The event was sold out very quickly…and I can understand why.  20 for 20 is something special.  Kudos to Vintage Irving for not being skimpy on the pour.  You guys know that SuperNodes family can do some things at the counter, but Lord Have Mercy, 20 wines in 3-4 hours is alot.  Next time I will pace myself.  We staggered out of that joint.  Even Theda, who should also be known as Miss Vine, had to excuse herself early.

Let me shout out a few folks:  My entire SuperNodes team, Theda aka @bondgyrl, Raquel aka @raquelakaultra, Rene aka @showboat92, and Tutu aka @mrroarke.

Sherri L. Smith for sharing the table and the Dr. Dre headphones (those things are ridiculous).

Jason Gardner, for not hogging all of the ladies.

Felicia Lin of for bringing some cool friends.

And what up, Miss Stinson?

Thank you all and see you next week.

(And props to Raquel for the artwork)