If your Blackberry doubles as your computer, because you are on the go, then having Google Mobile App on the phone is a must.  I talked about it before, but the recent changes to the search feature make this app critical for folks who are constantly emailing and making calls away from the office.

If you are like me, your contact list is a little too big for Blackberry’s hard drive to deal with.  I hate having to do battery pulls for my Curve 8530 – so I have a skeleton list on my phone.  Doing contact searches in the  GMail app is hit or miss for me. If I’m trying to find a name I haven’t pulled up in awhile, I get that “This program requires a working data connection. Please check your signal strength” message.  Which is ludicrous.

But with the Google Mobile App, you can do quick searches for names and info from Google, GMail, and Google Docs. And I use all of these products, so this is right up my alley.  It also unofficially searches Google Voice, because if you run your email through GMail and get your GVoice notifications at that email address, then all texts and voice message notifications can be searched.

If you’ve made a ton of calls on Google Voice or put 5,000 names in GMail contacts , then you will love this.

What do you think is the best Blackberry app?