Moses photo credit: rycordell

Not too long ago, I had the pleasure of  sitting down with Bruce Libman.  He is quite a networker and runs Clients For Life.  On the back of his business card are “The Ten Commitments.”   Not a bad list to obey, if you want step your networking game up.

1. Arrive early to events

2. Develop your elevator speech

3. Never sit with people you know or work with

4. Seek information and move on

5. Business cards are your billboards, so choose them carefully

6. Immediately act upon referrals

7. Immediately thank people for referrals

8. Be a Giver first

9. Choose your networking events carefully, look for opportunity to meet new people

10. Remember business is based on relationships and networking is a “contact sport”

At this meeting, he opened his rolodex up and introduced me to a few good folks.  Bruce definitely understands the concept of being a Giver.