photo credit: moriza

We all survived 2008.  We should definitely be happy about that.

I am not going to do resolutions for 2009, because once you call them that, you don’t do them.  To continue in the vein of many folks in the blogosphere, I want to list the 9 things I need to do in 2009.

In no particular order:

1. When I see someone on the street that I have always wanted to meet – I will go up to them and say something.  I sometimes see Vernon Jordan on Fifth Ave.  That dude is the ultimate power broker and networker.  And the actor, David Wolos-Fonteno lives in my town and I see him on the bus alot and I always wanted to say, “Hey, you were good in Devil in the Blue Dress.”  This time I will.

2. I need to finally attend the New York Enterprise Report event in September.  I missed the last two and that is not what a serious networker should do.  If you network in NYC, then you need to be there.

3. Make sure I get involved in more things with Adrian Miller.  She is one of the best networkers I know and she has introduced me to great people.

4. Get TNBA-NY chapter resurrected in some form.

5. Post an article on Dad-O-Matic.

6. Introduce more people to each other.

7. Write more blog posts.

8. Make Supernodes the key event to attend every Monday in the summer.

9. Focus on the task at hand, not the stuff on the periphery.