Are you a GMail or Google Apps user? Are you bad at updating your contact list? Is keeping in contact with your networking contacts important to your business?

You need to look at WriteThat.Name.  It is the perfect business networking and relationship building tool.
What does it do?

When you receive an email that has a signature, WriteThat.Name will update your contact list.  It has to do with semantic engines and what not.  All I know is that it keeps my contact list for business and personal use up to date. You also get an update from the service every day to let you know which contacts were updated, and if any of the info is redundant or incorrect for some reason, you can correct it from the daily email.

They are offering 30 day free trials for this service, and they will keep giving you free months for every friend you get to join. After your trial periods are up, you can continue using the service for as little as $3 per month.

I have been using it since June 15 and I must admit it is nice having someone else constantly updating my contact list.

If my layman explanation doesn’t do it for you, read a more technical review from this link from Gear Diary.