It’s one of the jokes you should hear in a bar like Cheers…”whaddya get when two networkers get together?” I’m sure there are some good punchlines in there (see pic above).  But what really happens is usually positive.

I went to a meeting last week and met up with a really good networker. A guy I have known for at least eight years. It was early in the morning. He told me he wanted to introduce me to a filmmaker who could use more exposure. This was 8am, maybe earlier. Before I got back on the subway, I checked my Blackberry and the filmmaker in question already sent me a friend request on Facebook.  That’s what I’m talking about.

My networking colleague shouldn’t have been crackberry-ing during the meeting, but I won’t be the one to snitch.

That, my friends is good networking.  I know it’s sounds simple, even yawn-inducing, but for those of us who take networking and word of mouth referrals seriously…they don’t come better than this.

So if you’re going to incur the wrath of your fellow meeting members, make sure you are a good matchmaker and deliver results.

(photo credit: Thomas Roche)