I read something on FriendFeed last week, in which someone wondered what Google Voice was for.  He had been sitting on it for awhile, trying to figure out why he should use it.    Here’s one reason:

Last month, my main office phone line went dead.  I couldn’t figure it out, but I didn’t panic.  I have Google Voice as my official biz number.  My calls still came in, and I when I made calls, my biz number flashed on the recipient’s caller ID.  No one knew I was experiencing a major phone catastrophe.  Plus I didn’t know the line hadn’t been working until 12-16 hours later since the problem started in the evening, and I had been primarily on the cell phone during that time.  I could have missed many important calls.  But thanks to Google Voice, disaster was averted.

With Google Voice, you are able to assign one number to a bunch of different phone devices.  My number rings my cell phone , my VoIP, and my office line (when it’s working).  And Blackberry (as well as most smartphones) has a Google Voice app that enables you to “call” from your GV number, instead of  your cell number.

Google Voice makes it easier to stay in touch when other forms of technology temporarily fail you.  I don’t know about your job, but in mine, staying connected is vital.

And don’t forget, voicemail messages are transcribed and sent to you via email and/or SMS.  Which is great when you are in meetings (or movies).

And it’s free.

Just don’t ask me how to use Wave.