(George’s Exploding Wallet video)

I used to never keep biz cards in my wallet.  With all the plastic, receipts, and dollar bills (you can laugh here), the wallet could get pretty big.  For some reason, earlier this year I decided to start putting a few in my billfold.

Well, I now understand why I did that.

I ran out of the house the other day to go to the recycling depot.  I didn’t even bring my phone.  But because I was driving, I had my wallet with me.  When I was dumping an old computer monitor, I saw a person who used to mentor with me at this Harlem non-profit.  I hadn’t seen him in four years and he just moved back to the area.  He was dumping stuff in the gardening/landscaping area.  None of us had pens or paper.  Going to the recycling depot is one of those things where you wanna get in and get out.  You do not expect to run into someone, nor do you want to.

Of course if I had my cell, I could have done the Dub card or VCard thing.  But I had a few biz cards in the wallet and gave it to him.  Which is cool, because he had pictures of me and the kids from the program.

So, find some room in that wallet for a few cards…just in case you leave the home without your briefcase or cellphone.